Fondue and Chocolate

The whole day we spent just walking and eating isn't it nice? I came to Lugano yesterday night to meet my friend, so we had a dinner, long conversation and so on... But this morning we were up at 10 and the whole day we stayed outside. Now I feel so wonderful! I understand why my mom always used to tell me go get a breath of fresh air, you should walk and not be stuck in four walls! How true is it especially when you are in a really beautiful and calm place like Switzerland!
We walked around the whole town at least 5 times I guess and made some stops in restaurants to eat a really delicious fondue or buy some swiss chocolate mmm.... My favorite one was with raspberry, you should definitely try it! I was following diet for the whole week or more, I even don't remember but it is such a pleasure just to look at all that sweets on decorated Christmas windows so... so shame on me, I couldn't resist!
Here are some photos from there...

Oh, btw if you will decide to go there for a walk just one advice: do not put high heels! I had flat high boots, skirt and fur west by I think that I was the only one person in fur from the whole town! It's not like I was feeling weird cuz I really like that vest, perfect for such weather but anyway just a sweater or fancy hoodie would be enough :-)

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