Not for me

Now I see that the idea of creating blog was not the best one in my life :D
Whatever.. I have no time to wright smth really interesting here + all my fashion looks can't be captured!!
My best friends are not living here and I don't wanna disturb random guys on a street asking them to make a picture of me... BUT I will be uploading some old photos or maybe even new time after time :-)

So just to start... check out this photo set made by my friend for her portfolio. The idea for the first series of photos was to create an Italian atmosphere, represent an image of classic and sophisticated woman like Monica Belluci's heroine from "Malena" that's why we chose a very classy black and white dress dress that fits perfectly but doesn't show to much.

The other look is not about Italy, it's just a beautiful dress with really comfortable shoes which became one of my favourites! Unfortunately someone said me that the atmosphere is just stolen from Twilight... Hope it was not true :-)

These photos were captured on the Duomo roof and Parco Sempione but believe me, it only seems to be fine warm weather! Actually I was freezing! So the whole next day I spent in  my bed with a cup of tea.

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